Throwing the perfect baby shower

Even just a few years ago, baby showers were pretty much unheard of. Hugely popular in America, they used to be the reserve of the rich and famous – but not anymore! The good news is that baby showers can be as individual as you are. And they don’t need to cost the earth!

When to have it

Baby showers are usually held around four to six weeks before the baby’s due to arrive – late enough so that the pregnancy is well established, but early enough so that the baby is not likely to arrive before the party! Choose a date that gives your guests plenty of notice in case they need to arrange babysitters or a day off work.

Where to have it

Depending on how many people you invite and how well you’ve been feeling during your pregnancy, you could just have a nice chilled out afternoon catching up with friends, or you could arrange for someone like a make-up artist, spray tanner or hairdresser to come along and do some demos. Spas, parties with games, and meals out are also particular favourites but don’t forget that pregnancy can put quite a strain on your body (how could you forget!). So you might want to consider avoiding a long evening or places with limited places to sit down if you get tired.

Food and Drink

Whether it’s a friend or close family member organising your baby shower, or you’re having a go at it yourself, the main thing is you enjoy it! If you’re having your party at home, put out plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and nibbles to keep everyone going. If you’re organising the party on behalf of someone else, try and bear in mind the types of food they like, especially if they’re vegetarian or vegan.


If party games are your thing, there are loads of fun ones to try. For instance, if you’ve ever thought that baby food in jars looks less like the carrots or apple puree they’re meant to be, and more like random mush, the Guess the Baby Food game is definitely the one for you. To play, choose seven to ten unique flavours of shop-bought baby food, number each lid and remove each label. Then get your guests to start sampling! The guest with the keenest taste buds wins a prize for getting the most correct.

Or, if that kind of thing makes you feel slightly queasy, you could try a new twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Simply blow up a poster-sized picture of yourself standing with your pregnant belly in profile. Then blindfold each guest and give them a cut out picture of a baby. After a few spins, each guest goes up to the wall and pins the baby on the mummy. Whoever gets it closest to the tummy, wins.

Baby shower gift ideas

When it comes to baby shower gifts, the sky’s the limit! You might well find friends and family ask you quite a way in advance what you would like, both for yourself and for your baby, whether they’re coming to the baby shower or not. Gift ideas can be tricky because it’s hard to think on your feet when someone suddenly asks you what gifts you would like. It can also be a little embarrassing when two people turn up with the same thing!

Here at Love To Baby, we have the perfect solution with our baby gift list service. It works in the same way as a wedding gift list – except with Love To Baby, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one shop. All you do is sign up (it’s FREE!) and create your list with as many items as you like, from any store. Once you’ve finished, share your gift list by email or social media then just sit back and relax…

However you choose to organise your own – or a friend’s – baby shower, make it a day to remember by taking loads of pictures and having lots of fun. After all, this could be the last time you’re all together before your new little one arrives!

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