Expecting a little one? Get your home baby ready

Sort out the basics

Until your new little one is toddling, you don’t really need to worry too much about making your home baby safe just yet. As newborns tend to stay in one place, your time and energy is better spent on getting the essentials in place. Despite the fact it’s tempting to buy all sorts of cute gadgets, nappies, clothes for the baby, feeding equipment, blankets and a cot or moses basket are the only things you won’t be able to manage without, at least for a while. Get the baby’s room sorted early on, and redecorated if necessary so you know it’s all done.

Batch cook and freeze

Make friends with your freezer during your third trimester in particular by stocking it up with a variety of delicious homemade food whilst you have the chance. Go for things that are nutritious and filling but that you can easily reheat, like stews, casseroles, lasagne and shepherd’s pie. You’ll be glad you did!

Get a car seat

Think carefully about how you plan to get home from hospital once you’ve had your baby. Whether you own a car, plan on getting a taxi or a friend has offered you a lift, most hospitals won’t discharge your baby if there isn’t a car seat fitted. So make sure you’ve organised one in advance that both you and your partner know how to fit.

Grab some nappies

Whilst you’re pregnant, bear in mind that you don’t actually know yet how big your baby will be at birth. Make sure you have a pack of newborn sized nappies at the ready but don’t go overboard just in case your new arrival is exceptionally small, or particularly large!

Choose clothes and toys

The same applies to newborn clothing as it does with nappies – you might want to wait until your baby is born to remove the tags on the newborn stuff just in case they don’t fit! Also, friends and family are likely to ask you if there are things you would like or need, and sometimes it’s hard to think off the top of your head. So why not make a baby gift list at Love To Baby. Just like a wedding list, you sign up for free and create a list of things you’d like from any store. Once you’re done, you can share your list with loved ones by email or social media. Perfect!

Prepare for crawling

Ok so your baby may not be on the move yet, but from around six months onwards you’ll need eyes in the back of your head!
To help keep your baby safe, make sure heavy furniture is secured to the wall so it won’t land on your little one by accident. Also cover up electric sockets and put safety latches on cupboards that contain hazardous items like bleach, cleaning fluid or medication. Remove fridge magnets and check you don’t have any dangling window blind cords too.
Having a new baby is exciting yet daunting too. But with a bit of home preparation beforehand, you know that once bump is here you can relax and enjoy.

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